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Speaker Series

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your next workshop, meeting, event, or conference?


  • Coronavirus: How to help your child cope with anxiety

  • Signs of Anxiety in Children 

  • Mental Blinders: Cognitive Distortions 

  • Mental Health 101 For Educators: Possible Signs And Symptoms of Depression in Elementary and Middle School Students 


  • COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis: A Biopsychosocial Approach 

  • Postpartum Depression and its impact on the family and community


  • Prehab Before Postpartum: Tips To Ease Your Mind

  • R & R Challenge: Reexamine, Refocus, Reinvest, Renew

Faith Organizations:

  • Demystifying Mental Illness:To Live The Best Life Inside and Out!

  • Success In The Flesh: I AM Enough

  • Grief and COVID 19: Stages of Grief


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  3. Dr. Raushanah will prepare a professional presentation and/or training that is geared toward your specific needs and desired outcomes.

  4. Specialized custom presentation(s) are available or you can choose from our wide range of popular topics in the "Speaker Series" above.

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