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Prehab Before Postpartum

A Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Guide For A Happier Postpartum

This guide prepares parents for the “fourth trimester”—the first three months after delivery, when the commonly experienced but rarely discussed postpartum depression and anxiety arrives. Combining personal experiences and clinical knowledge, Dr. Raushanah Hud-Aleem, a double board-certified adult, child, and adolescent psychiatrist, helps mothers, and fathers (as paternal postpartum is a real thing), remove the everything-is-okay mask. She helps them, identify how they truly feel, and what they really want, and know when professional help is needed. More importantly, you’ll gain prehabilitation and recovery tools so that you can more effectively cope with internal and external daily stressors and shrug off the stigma around mental health. By preparing ourselves, we can reduce the severity of postpartum depression and anxiety, or prevent it altogether. The goal is to plan so that you won’t forget about caring for you, and this book helps you do just that.

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I just finished reading your book "PREHAB BEFORE POSTPARTUM." Oh how I wish you released this book before my delivery, so that I would have been aware and prepared. Yes, I am, too, removing my mask! I just want to thank you for opening up about your journey and wanting to help others after your experience. I am preparing myself to effectively deal with my on-going postpartum depression. It truly feels good to know that I don't have to feel like this forever. Your book has created the start that is needed for me to identify how I really feel. Most importantly, for me to do this for my son. I know I am putting emotions on him that he doesn't deserve to deal with. I know that if I am mentally stable, it benefits everyone. Not just me. So again, I would like to say thank you.


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