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“You became my doctor. You are always honest with me. You share advice and wisdom, without judgement! When I tell you about something I’ve done, that was difficult for me, your face lights up with a smile and you tell me you’re proud of me. Then I feel proud of myself.”

“Your daughters don’t realize it, but they shared you with so many and I thank them for that. My family and I butt heads a lot, but something we appreciate and agree on, is that we whole-heartedly appreciated your care, concern, and efforts to help the best way you could. It helped and will continue to as well. “

Ralna T.

Charla W.

Thank you for all that you have done for me, I really appreciate it!

"I have really enjoyed working with you. You have a very gentle manner with the clients-even when being firm! I would enjoy working with you again."

Caprice B.

M. K.

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